Survival Rules

Survival Rules apply to and must be followed on our Survival Server on the DungeonCraft Minecraft server network.

Chat Rules #

  • Asking others for items, money or other in-game advantages is restricted.
  • No asking for weather or time.
    • You can always change it using /voteshop or by sleeping.

Game Modification Rules #

  • Game modifications or hacks that give you advantage over other players are restricted.
    • This means that every game modification which doesn’t give you an advantage over other player that doesn’t have it installed on their computer is allowed.

Destruction and Stealing Rules #

  • Destroying or stealing from structures and areas with residence protection is restricted.
    • Players with permissions in a residence are not allowed to destroy blocks, take items from chests, and do other modifications to the residence without the permission of the residence owner.
    • The residence owner is not allowed to remove a player from the residence if there are still items belonging to the player remaining in the area of the residence.
  • Destroying or stealing from structures and areas with no residence protection is allowed.
    • It is really exhausting for our Support Team to deal with the problems of players who can’t even create a residence or ask someone to help them with it.
  • Wither griefing is restricted and severely punished.
    • We don’t protect residences from Wither’s destruction because otherwise, Nether Stars would have absolutely no value.
  • Destroying nature for no relevant reason is restricted.
    • We want our server to be a nice place to play on for everyone, so don’t destroy places where other players could settle down (strip mines are allowed though).
    • This applies mostly to the unreasonable destruction of large areas with TNTs.
  • Destroying the environment near a player’s base is restricted and severely punished.
    • Everybody knows that residences are not cheap and their size is limited, so nobody is allowed to destroy or settle down near a player’s base.
    • This rule doesn’t apply when you take over an abandoned base (an area without any residence protection).
  • You are not allowed to destroy any structures or forests using fire.

Creation and Spawning Rules #

  • Creating inappropriate structures is restricted.
    • Consideration on whether the structure is inappropriate is up to DungeonCraft Team.
  • Creating high towers from blocks or deep holes in the nature is restricted.
    • Nobody wants to see some one-block weird towers or fall into holes we don’t even notice.

Abusive Mob Spawning #

  • Spawning mobs with spawners or spawn eggs in players’ bases or moving mobs to players’ bases or near them is restricted.
  • Spawning raids in other players’ residences is restricted.
    • This behavior can be tolerated once as it might happen to anyone if they forget about the Bad Omen Effect.

Lava/Water Flooding #

  • Flooding any structure in lava or water is restricted.
    • This doesn’t apply to Enderman farms or other structures where this is required (owned by the player who is flooding it or a player with the allowance of its owner).

Tree Creation #

  • You are not allowed to create trees in order to harm other players in any way.

PVP Rules #

  • You are not allowed to kill a player who teleported to you or who you teleported to and other closely located players.
    • This restriction ends as soon as someone from the affected group breaks a DungeonCraft Rule that can threaten other players of the affected group or starts killing someone from the affected group after teleporting to the player.
    • If this rule is violated, players must give the items they gained in the fight back to the killed player and be warned.
  • You are not allowed to kill players who are away from the keyboard (AFK).
    • This rule doesn’t apply to PVP arenas (only if the player wasn’t brought there against their will)
  • You are not allowed to log out from the server during a fight.

Trolling Rules #

  • You are not allowed to troll or prank other players.
    • This includes pretending to be a DungeonCraft Team member and jokes that include members of the DungeonCraft Team.

Bug and Exploit Abuse Rules #

  • You are not allowed to create lags on our server in any way.
    • This includes creating large mob farms, spawner farms, sorting systems, Redstone machines, etc. that cause TPS drops to our server.
  • You are required to report and return any cheated items.
    • This includes items that were obtained in Creative, using /give command, due to a bug/glitch or in other non-survival/illegal way.
    • The items must be returned to a Support Team member that is currently online. If there is no Support Team member online, then you must create a ticket on our Support and wait for the answer.
    • There is a high chance that you will be rewarded if you give us as much information as possible.
  • You are required to report any exploit/bug/glitch on the server immediately after you find it and it’s prohibited to abuse it!
    • You can do so by reporting it directly to an online Support Team member or on our Support page.

Name Changing Rules #

  • You are not allowed to use alternative accounts.
  • You are not allowed to change your name in order to violate these rules.

Casino Rules #

  • Any player is allowed to create a gambling machine if it is in consent with all the other server rules.
  • All the risks in dealing with gambling machines (playing or building) are at the player or the builder.
    • You can’t be punished in any way if you use a gambling machine in the way it is not “supposed” to be used. All machines should be created in a way that is not abusable. This can be done using residence subzones.
    • You can’t be refunded if you don’t receive your “reward” for gambling in a gambling machine. Gambling is 100% at your own risk.

Residence Trading, Selling and Renting Rules #

  • All the players are allowed to transfer their residences to other players either for free or for money or to rent them.
  • You are only allowed to sell residences using supported methods.
    • The only allowed methods to sell residences are using /res market sell and using /trade.
    • You won’t be refunded if you give someone a residence using /res give or in any other way and the “buyer” doesn’t pay you.
  • Renting residences and subzones
    • The residence owner has no obligation to refund you if you rent their residence. You can always cancel the rent using /res market unrent.

AFK Rules #

  • No AFK farming and trying to circumvent auto AFK system.