Player Warps (Survival)

Player Warps are a method for players to advertise the places they built and enable easier access for other players.

List of Commands #

/pwarp help

  • Using this command shows you all the commands you can use in-game.


  • Opens the Player Warps menu.

/pwarp <warp>

  • Teleports you to the warp you choose.

/pwarp set <warp>

  • Creates your own Player Warp. Players can currently only have 1 Player Warp and it costs 1000$.

/pwarp remove <warp>

  • Deletes the Player Warp you choose.

/pwarp desc set/remove <warp> <desc>

  • Sets the description (desc) of your warp that is shown in Player Warp Menus.

/pwarp list

  • Shows the list of all Player Warps on the server.

/pwarp open [category]

  • Opens the Player Warps menu or the category menu if you add category.

/pwarp amount

  • Shows you the amount of Player Warps you currently have and the amount you can have.

/pwarp icon <set/remove> <warp>

  • If you use “set”, it sets the item you are currently holding in hand as the warp icon.
  • If you use “remove”, it removes the warp icon and sets it back to default.

/pwarp category <warp> <category>

  • Sets the warp category. Available categories are: shop, casino, farm and PVP.

/pwarp rate <warp> <rating>

  • You can rate Player Warps of other players using this (1-5 stars).

/pwarp ban set/remove/list <warp> [player]

  • You can ban a player from using your warp.

/pwarp reset <warp>

  • Changes the location of your warp.

/pwarp rename <warp> <name>

  • Rename your warp.

/pwarp setowner <warp> <player>

  • Transfer the ownership of a warp to other player.

/pwarp favourite <warp>

  • Add a warp to your favourites list.

Player Warps Menus #

Category Menu #

In the top line, you can see Favourite Warps, All Warps and Visited Warps.

In the middle line, you can see all the Player Warp Categories: Shop Warps, Casino Warps, Farm Warps, PVP Warps and Other Warps.

In the bottom line, you can see the five sponsor slots.

Favourite Warps #

Clicking on Favourite Warps in Player Warps Category Menu will open the menu where all your favourite warps are stored. You can only open this menu if you have already favourited a warp. Use /pw favourite <warp> to add a warp to your favourites list.

Warps Menu #

In the All Warps Menu, you can see the list of all warps on our server and in the bottom row, you are able to change this view as you want. You can click the book in the bottom left corner to go back to Category Menu.

Search #

You can search for a warp using this button. This will just show a sign in front of you and you can enter the name of warp you want to search for.

Navigation and Refresh Buttons #

Use the arrows to navigate left/right in the warp list. Use the Sunflower to refresh the list.

Sorting #

You can sort the warps using the Sort button (hopper). You can sort the warps by oldest date, newest date, rating, average rating, alphabetically, highest visits and lowest visits.

My Warps #

You can only open the My Warps menu if you already created a warp. You can see the list of your warps here and edit them. You open the Manage Warp menu when you click a warp in this menu.

Manage Warp

You can do various actions that relate to your warp like teleporting to it, setting description, locking it, etc.

Manage Visit #

You can visit this menu when you right click any warp that belongs to other player. You can favourite or rate the warp here.