Jobs are the main engine of our Survival economy and the source from where (almost) all the money comes from.

Joining jobs #

The first thing you have to do if you want to earn some money is to join a job. You can do that by typing command /jobs join. You will be able to see the list of jobs there with their specific actions and many details but they are mostly self-explanatory. You can simply join a job by clicking it with your mouse – it’s that easy! You may even join more jobs if you want to get money for a broader amount of different actions (like mining and hunting, etc.). We don’t limit you and if you want, you may join all of them. But the catch is that the more jobs you have, the smaller amount of money you get for separate actions (for example you will get more money for killing a zombie if you have only one job than you would get with ten active jobs).

Leveling in jobs #

Every job has its experience points which are generated together with money when working in jobs.