How to link Discord account

Linking your Discord account will allow you to write to 💬》survival-chat, you will get a special in-game prefix if you have boosted our Discord server and you will get a VIP role on our Discord if you have bought a VIP rank.

Make sure to be connected to Survival server while performing this!

Use command /discord link

After issuing this command, you will get a 4-digit code that you will have to send to the Survival Discord bot on our Discord server.

Send the code to the Bot

Enter the code to the message field, then hit Enter and you are done.

You will get messages that look something like this:

(Message in Discord)
(Message in Minecraft)

I don’t see my boosting prefix on Lobby.

You will have to do just the same as described in the tutorial above with the difference that you must be connected to Lobby server and send the code to Lobby Discord bot on our Discord server.

I want to unlink my Discord account.

You can do that by issuing command /discord unlink on all the servers your Discord account is linked on (you can see them by checking your Discord roles on our Discord server).