How to join

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To join our server you have to open the Minecraft launcher. In the bottom left corner, choose “Latest release,” then click “Play” in the middle.
(in case “Latest release” is not 1.18.1, you will have to create a new installation with this version in the “Installations” tab.)

After launching Minecraft, choose “Multiplayer.” Then click the “Add Server” button. You can change the Server Name field to “DungeonCraft” if you prefer (it doesn’t have any impact). The Server Address has to be set to! Leave Server Resource Packs on “Prompt” or “Enabled”. Click the button “Done.”

Join the server by double-clicking it, hovering over it, and clicking on the Play button or selecting the server by clicking on it and then clicking the “Join Server” button.

When you are on the server, you will be automatically verified and sent to the lobby if you have legally purchased Minecraft. If you don’t, our server will lead you through the registration and you will be automatically sent to Lobby.

Can’t join the server #

Step One: Try again and wait

You should definitely try joining three times at least and always wait until the server shows you a connection error message.

Step Two: Warez players

You can skip this step if you have original Minecraft. If you don’t have legally purchased Minecraft, you will have to check if the name isn’t owned by someone else yet. A great website for it is – try searching the name, the status has to be available. If it is unavailable or if it has invalid characters, you will have to choose another name.

Step Three: Report the problem

If you still have a problem with connecting, you should definitely report this to our staff. Do not hesitate to @mention our staff or even @Owner on our Discord server with this issue or create a ticket in our support. We will try to get to you as soon as possible and solve it! Your message or ticket should contain the connection error message that the server gives you when you try connecting there.