How to create an elevator

Do you want to travel up and down very fast without the need of building expensive water elevators? Sign elevators are the right thing for you!

Step one: Get some signs

First, you should get some signs. It doesn’t matter which type, just get two at least.

Step two: Place the first sign

Place the first sign where you want the first point of the elevator to be. It doesn’t matter whether the sign is placed on a block below it or a block behind it. The elevator will work anyway.

Step three: Type [Elevator] to the first line

To the first line of the sign you just place, you will have to type in “[Elevator].” It doesn’t matter what the other lines are, but make sure that [Elevator] is on the first line. You can use the other lines for example to describe the floor you are currently on.

Step four: Place the second sign

The second sign should be on a block that is right above or right below the first sign. Again, it doesn’t matter which block you place it on. Repeat step three.

Step three: Test if it works

Now you are done. If you want more floors, you can continue adding more signs above, bellow or in the middle as well. To test it, just click the sign to go up a floor or shift + click it to go down a floor.