How to create a residence

Hello everyone! If you are reading this tutorial, you probably want to protect your stuff and don’t know how to create a residence.

There are two basic options for creating a residence – automatic (faster) and manual (better if you want to protect an exact selected area).

Automatic Residence Creation #

To create a Residence automatically, you just have to issue /res auto command. This will create a residence called by your name around the block you are standing at for all your money and now you are protected from griefers.

Manual Residence Creation #

To create a residence manually, you will need a wooden hoe. First, you will have to select two points with it by clicking the left mouse button on one corner of the residence you want to create, and with the right mouse button on the other corner. Height (Y coordinate) of the selected points doesn’t matter as residences will always be spread from void to build limit.

Now when you have selected your residence area, you can just issue command /res create [name], where [name] stands for the name of the residence you are creating. Now you are done!

Adding Players to Residence #

You can simply add a player to your residence with command /res padd [name], where [name] stands for the name of the player you are adding to your residence.

If you don’t want a certain player to have all these permissions, you can use /res pset [name] ([name] is the name of the player who you want to give certain permissions in your residence). There you can edit the exact flags (permissions) of the residence that apply to that player.

Residence Limits #

  • One block of residence costs 2$.
  • The maximum size of residence is 250×250 blocks.
  • You can create maximally 3 residences.
  • You can gain more residences by trading with other players.

If you want to see more information about the residence limits on our Survival, use command /res limits.