General Rules

General Rules #

These rules apply to the whole DungeonCraft Minecraft server network, DungeonCraft Discord server, DungeonCraft official website and DungeonCraft store, hereinafter referred to as DungeonCraft.

General and behavior rules #

  • You are required to report any violation of any DungeonCraft rules to our staff immediately (use support for this).
  • You may not abuse bugs on any of our platforms (in Minecraft, on our Discord, website, or store) and you are required to report them if you see or find any. We may reward you!
  • Anything not listed here may be deemed against the rules by the staff if needed.

Chat Rules #

  • Be considerate.
    • Don’t post any offensive, political, hateful, illegal, or adult content in any way.
    • Swearing to a limited extent is allowed as long as it’s not used as an insult. Do not use bad language in every sentence.
    • Act as if everyone was your friend, as we want to build a friendly community.
  • Do not spam.
    • This includes many short messages in a row, sending messages too quickly, and so on.
    • Ask the question. If you want to ask a question there is no need to say “I have a question” or the name of the person you want to ask.
    • No full caps lock messages.
  • Don’t post any advertisements.
    • If you need any kind of boost for your social media or business, just create a ticket on our support and we may form a partnership (Discord server, YouTube, etc.). We do not advertise any Minecraft servers.
  • Do not ask for VIP ranks or other purchasable items.
  • Do not ask for a position in the DungeonCraft Team.
    • You can still apply by creating a ticket on our support with all the required information listed here.
  • Use English.
    • When speaking in public chats, you should stick to English only.
    • You can use other private chats for other languages (such as or private messages or private chat rooms).
    • If there are only or almost only players who also speak your language online, you are allowed to speak it in the public channels too.

Discord Rules #

  • All General and behavior rules and Chat rules apply to Discord as well.
  • You may ping @Support Team or other DungeonCraft Team members in an emergency only.
    • Our Support Team is extremely overloaded with players’ requests and we can’t process everything as fast as we would like to, so be patient, please.
  • Do not send DMs or call any server members (and namely DungeonCraft Team members) without permission.
    • It is extremely annoying.
    • If you want help, form a partnership, etc., just create a ticket in #⛑》support or preferably on our website support.