DungeonCraft Team

Admin Team



Hey, my name is EkonC. I am the proud owner of DungeonCraft Minecraft Server Network. My work is organizing the work of the DungeonCraft Team, developing the DungeonCraft website and store, adding new features to all our servers, and much more (than you can even imagine). When I am not working on the server, it’s probably because I’m busy doing some kind of other business.



Hi, my name is Jurikben. I am developing custom plugins for DungeonCraft Minecraft Server. My hobbies are Minecraft, programming, and playing other video games. I like going out to nature and biking.



Hey! My name is Adalbert and I’m an almost professional software & hardware developer. I’m also doing smaller and bigger projects, like DungeonCraft, MoonlightRP, etc. I’m still a student, but my knowledge usually goes beyond school knowledge, so I focus more on other things like sport, development, playing instruments, and more. If you are interested, you can contact me through social media.


Hello, my name is Semtexka and I am a DungeonCraft Admin. I take care of our community and the technical side of our server. In my free time, I like to go out in nature.

Construction Team



Hello there, my name is _Tronstad_. I am an Architect+ on DungeonCraft, but my work overlaps with other sectors of our server, too. Most of the time, you won’t even notice me, as I’m holed up in our lobby building all sorts of things for you, from rocks to magnificent ships. In my spare time, I like to write, draw, or hang out with friends.



Hi, boys and girls. My Minecraft nick is Deamonlife but you can call me Deamon. As you can see, my current rank is Architect, so I am building for Dungeoncraft server and I’m really enjoying it. Sometimes I also play PVP on other Minecraft servers.


Hello, my name is KerryMary and I am an Architect on Dungeoncraft. I like to bring you exceptional builds in cooperation with the rest of the Construction Team. In my free time, I am also a Twitch moderator of the well-known Czech streamer Bige, and I also work with Nakashi’s team.



Support Team



Hi, my name is Kato. I’m a Dungeoncraft’s Moderator+. My job is to help the players and I really enjoy it. In my free time, I like to play Minecraft or other games and I like to go out.



Hello, my name is Vomik and I’m a Moderator on DungeonCraft. I will be happy to help everyone who needs it on the server. I play sports in my free time. I mainly do cycling and fire sports. I’m probably the oldest player on the server, but I still spend a lot of time here.


Hello, my name is PeTitA9 and I´m a DungeonCraft Moderator. I love helping players on this server. In my free time, I stream Minecraft (but not too often :D). I also like cycling and skiing.


Hello players! My name is Qishuu, some people call me “Elliebestus”, but just call me Qishuu (for personal reasons). I am a Moderator on the DungeonCraft server and I always try to help anyone at any time. I don’t have too much free time, so I only play video games occasionally.


Heyo, my name is oldzo_. I’m a Helper on Dungeoncraft. In my free time, I like to draw, play video games, but most importantly hang out with my friends :).



Hello, my name is Sxientys and I’m a Helper on DungeonCraft. I like to help players whenever possible. In my free time, I play Minecraft or some other games and I also like sports.


Hi, my name is Ami2908. I’m a helper for DungeonCraft happy to help you. I like sports and I also play Minecraft in my free time.