Hey! Here is a small recapitulation of changes we made to our server in the past week. Many of them have a lot to do with Beta 1.6.


We started a Giveaway in #🎁》giveaways for 100 players joined since the Beta started! Make sure to participate.

Minecraft chat(s)

  • We removed the Lobby chat as it was quite useless. 😀
  • We changed the formatting in the Survival chat (all ranks will now just have name in bold, no prefixes).
  • Only players that have their Discord account linked with our Survival server are capable of typing to the #💬》survival-chat now. To link your account, just visit our Survival server and issue command /discord link.
  • We added #💬》dungeons-chat and ⚔ 》Dungeons voice channel as we’ve started working on Dungeons in the recent time.


  • Added Suggestions channel
  • You can suggest new improvements to our either Discord or Minecraft server using commmand ,suggest in the #🤖》bots chat.

New Roles

  • Added Donor role that you receive when you donate on our store.
  • Added Silver VIP and Gold VIP roles that you receive when you purchase a rank on our store and have your account linked with our Discord on Survival or Dungeons.
  • Added Survival and Dungeons roles that you receive when you link your account with our Discord using /discord link on Survival or Dungeons.