We created a discord server for you where you can chat and call together even with in-game players.

Here is the link: https://discord.gg/3DnAVa

Current features:

  • Custom joining and leaving messages.
  • Announcemens channel where all important info is posted.
  • Server updates channel where we send all the posts from the website to let you know everything new.
  • Rules of the Discord server.
  • Discord chat to communicate with players on Discord.
  • Survival chat to communicate with players on Discord and in-game (on Survival server) as well. There are also messages when somebody joins the game, leaves, dies, achievements, etc.
  • Bots channel where your messages are automatically deleted.
  • Three voice chat rooms.
  • Support channel to create a ticket and a support voice chat.
  • Partnership information and advertisements for our partners.