Hey everyone! As you might have noticed, we had been working on this update for a very long time. This post is basically just a recapitulation of what we have done in the past months (since July) and it is the last DungeonCraft update with this numbering (like Beta 3.2, etc.). Since now, we will only be using changelog located on our Discord/Website/Minecraft server. The updates section of our page will be renamed to “Blog” and we will continue using it for informational purposes about occasional events or similar activities.


General Changes

  • Regular server restarts were moved to 4 AM.
  • Tab list now has the same design on all our servers.
  • Removed login success message for warez players.
  • Added DungeonCraft to more voting sites where you can vote for us!

Changes for VIPs

  • Purchasing Diamond VIP now requires Ruby VIP.
  • We are now blocking changing skins to DungeonCraft Team’s skins when usin /skin.
  • We are now synchronizing nick names over the whole DungeonCraft network. This means that when you change your nick name on Lobby, you will have it on Vanilla and Survival as well.

Changes for Medial Partners

  • Changed chat cooldown for Twitch, YouTube and TikTok ranks to 0,5 second.

Warez Authentication

  • Changed the design and content of some login and register messages so that they are more understandable.


  • Updated Lobby to 1.17.1.
  • Removed the message that was sent to chat when a player joins the Lobby for the first time.
  • Removed the title message that was sent to all players when they joined the Lobby.


General Changes

  • Readded Dragon World and Ender Dragon respawning. You can find the Dragon World NPC in The End.
  • Created a new official Nether portal on Spawn, created new Nether Spawn.
  • Added Jobs rewards for more 1.17 blocks and items.
  • Added shop NPCs to Spawn. You can see them in the buildings at Spawn.
  • Added new Redstone Engineer Job.
  • Using /home is now free!
  • Added Store and Voting advertisement to Scoreboard for default players.
  • Changed how link translation in chat works.
  • Added navigational holograms and heads with arrows on the Spawn.
  • Changed the maximum amount of homes for Players to 3. If you have any homes set, they will still be there but if you delete any of them, you won’t be able to set more than 3.
  • Added 3 seconds /home warmup.
  • Changed the Discord branding color on every place where we used it to the present one.
  • Fixed all the problems with Player Warps (plugin not working completely, warp removing not working, warp creating not working)
  • Changed default respawn point in world to bed.

Changes for VIPs

Silver VIP

  • Changed the maximum amount of homes to 5.
  • Changed chat cooldown to 4 seconds.

Gold VIP

  • Changed the maximum amount of homes to 9.

Emerald VIP

  • Changed the maximum amount of homes to 18.

Ruby VIP

  • You can now open your Shulker Boxes like a backpack when using shift-click.
  • Changed the maximum amount of homes to 27.

Diamond VIP

  • Added warmup bypasses for /home, /warp, /res tp, /back and /dback. This means that Diamond VIPs don’t have to wait to teleport anymore.


  • Updated Vanilla to 1.18 and reset everything!
  • We now only require 25% of players to sleep through the night.



  • Removed Badlands and Dungeons voice chats and added Vanilla and Creative voice chat.
  • Added Creative chat that is sychronized with our Minecraft server.

Social Media

  • Changed our logo on YouTube to our social media logo with background.