• Changed the brackets in Owner and Admin prefixes.


  • Fixed Vote Crate and Math Crate and receiving keys for them.
  • Added some payments for 1.17 blocks to Jobs. If you find anything that a job should get paid for, feel free to contact us! More paid actions will be added soon.
  • Added Bundle crafting. You can always find the crafting recipe at /spawn.
  • Only one player is now required for the night time speed up (it is slow but only one person required).
  • Removed the Crafter job.
  • Fixed crafting of special eggs used for catching mobs.


  • Added TAB sorting.
  • Added prefixes to TAB.
  • Added Discord synchronization.
  • Fixed join/leave messages not showing.
  • Fixed TAB bugs.



  • Fixed Silver and Gold VIPs not receiving their role on Discord.