Global Changes

  • Added chat cooldown to prevent players from spamming. Different VIP ranks have different chat cooldowns.
  • Added 1.17.1 support.


  • Updated the server selector.
  • Added a new small Vanilla 1.17 portal
  • Changed and added some holograms.


Removed the Badlands server. Badlands server has been very inactive since its beta launch and therefore we decided to assign its resources to other more relevant future projects like: Creative, World of Ateris (RPG + Dungeons), Minigames, … If you loved Badlands, you don’t have to wory! We are planning to completely rework this gamemode and make it not only post-apocalyptic as Badlands were, but totally sci-fi with all the things that belong to it (at this time I can’t tell you more).


  • Set difficulty to hard in all worlds.


Survival was officially updated to 1.17. We had to temporarily remove some features due to their incompatibility with 1.17.

  • Set difficulty to hard in The End.
  • Temporarily disabled crates on spawn.
  • Reset Nether.
  • Reset The End.
  • Temporarily removed Dragon World.
  • Temporarily disabled Duels.



  • Removed “Perks on Badlands” from the ranks category.