• Added 3 seconds cooldown for teleportation to Lobby.
  • Added command /live for Twitch and YouTube roles on Badlands, Lobby and Survival.

Authentication Server

  • Totally reworked the Authentication system. Premium players now don’t have to go through the Auth server, it will automatically send them to the Lobby.
  • Reworked the log in and register messages.
  • You will now spawn in the correct spawn location when joining the Auth server for the first time.
  • Disabled join and quit messages on the Auth server.


  • Removed the message that was sent to the player when joining Lobby.
  • Updated holograms about Badlands because it is available for everyone now!
  • Updated server selector.


  • Badlands is now open for everyone! We are now in Open Beta Phase.
  • We added Dynmap that can be found at
  • Disabled Tornado, Hailstorm, Earthquake, and Meteor shower as they could cause damage to protected areas. We are planning to re-add some of them in the upcoming versions.


  • Added Weapon Station – a large “crafting table” with a 6×6 grid used only for crafting weapons.
  • Added our first guns – a pistol called Knock 21 and an assault rifle called SA-58. They both consume iron nuggets as ammo and all the details can be found here.

Custom Craftings

  • Added custom crafting for scaffolding.
  • Added custom crafting for Recipe Book.
  • Added custom crafting for Weapon Station.
  • Added custom crafting for Knock 21 (pistol).
  • Added custom crafting for SA-58 (assault rifle).


  • Added Market building to the Oasis where all the trader NPCs are located now.
  • Added Truck to the Oasis where you can find the Fringe Guide NPC.

Rank Changes

  • Lvl-0 can now have up to 4 Land members.
  • Lvl-1 can now have up to 8 Land members.
  • Lvl-2 can now have up to 12 Land members.
  • Lvl-3 can now have up to 16 Land members.
  • Lvl-4 can now have up to 24 Land members.
  • Lvl-5 can now have up to 32 Land members.


  • We temporarily removed Custom Enchantments. They will be re-added in the Enchanted Update!


Ticket and Support Changes

  • Added required Age field to the DungeonCraft Team Application ticket category.
  • Changed Account/Channel Name in the Partnership ticket category to Account/Channel Link.
  • Adjusted the Ticket Dashboard look:
    • Ticket text is now larger
    • All replies are now fully visible
    • Changed Notes text color (only visible to Support Agents)
    • Links are now colored in DungeonCraft orange

Wiki Article Updates


  • Changed DungeonCraft Bots name color to DungeonCraft Orange (#f95e25).