• Added checkpoints and timers to parkours on Lobby.
  • Changed Football chat prefix.


  • Added some random tips (automated messages) that are great for beginner players.
  • Changed some colors and icons in /vote and /votegui menus.
  • Added permission to interact with doors in enemy land when in war.
  • Added new rewards to Vote Crate and changed some chances.
  • Players can now enable or disable player killing in their lands.
  • Completely removed disasters and special weather types as they caused major problems.


  • Enabled PVP.
  • Added command /cheque (value) – convert money into check (real physical item). Paper is needed to create one. Right-clicking the check will add the money to the player’s account.
  • Changed some colors and icons in /vote and /votegui menus.
  • Added Vote Crate. Obtain keys using /vote.
  • Added automatic message that will inform you about /cheque.
  • Removed the Twitter automated message.

Quick Math Changes

  • Changed math rewards to Math Keys (1-3 depending on the equation’s difficulty) instead of money.
  • Added Math Crate – you can receive keys for it by solving equations in the chat.
  • Changed minimum players to run the math to 5.


  • Anvil flag will now be set to true when renting a residence.
  • Fixed Jobs Browse Menu (some icons were missing, smelter’s name wasn’t visible).
  • Fixed the Staff Help automated message hover text.
  • Changed Jobs NPC Skin on spawn.
  • Edited some colors in some chest shop messages.


  • Removed Wiki document about Weather and Disasters in Badlands.
  • Updated What is Badlands wiki article.