• Removed Warez Easter Skins.


  • Disabled Ender Chests because we don’t want players to store their things in there. We might re-add them in the future but
  • Added command /pay for players.
  • Added permissions for /mail and /mail send to all players.
  • Added Beta Prefix playtime reward for 7 days of playtime on Badlands. Claim it using /prewards.
  • Added AFK Title Message:
    • When you are AFK, you will now have “You are now AFK” written across your screen in yellow color.
  • Improved chat tagging:
    • We now remove @ when you tag someone in the chat to prevent pinging players on Discord.
    • You will now see a title message when you are tagged in the chat.
  • Configured voting system – you will receive vote crate keys for voting (Czech-Craft – 1 key, Craftlist – 3 keys). You can open the vote crate in the Oasis using vote keys.
  • Added auto AFK kick to Lobby after being AFK for 15 minutes.
  • Turned off collisions for AFK players.
  • Changed Weapon Station GUI Title to “Weapon Station”
  • Changed all sapling death rates to 15%.


  • Added Vote Crate. You can get Vote Key when you vote (use /vote).
  • Disabled Monster and Animal Spawning in Oasis. You will feel safer in the Oasis and your mob farms might become more effective.
  • Added Welcome hologram near the spawn.
  • Added Badlands Market hologram with information about the Market.
  • Added Badlands Tutorial hologram with basic information for new players.


  • Removed Entity Griefing from default flags.
  • Added Entity Griefing to visible natural flags, so you can change this anytime you want. Please switch it off if you don’t want monsters (or other players using them) to grief your base.
  • You can now use /unclaim to unclaim chunks you don’t want in your land anymore.


  • We are now hiding players that are currently in war on Dynmap.
  • We are now blocking command /fringe for players that are currently in war.
  • Defenders can now surrender even if there is no tribute set.
  • Max defender tribute was set to 750$.
  • Attacker tribute was set to 1000$.
  • Disabled friendly fire between teammates while in war.
  • Changed war shield on land creation to 3 days.
  • Removed the minimal number of defenders that need to be online to interact with the land.


  • Added Player Warps:
    • Use /pwarp to open the Player Warps menu.
    • Use /pwarp set to create your Player Warp.
    • You can learn all information about Player Warps here.
  • Added AFK Title Message:
    • When you are AFK, you will now have “You are now AFK” written across your screen in yellow color.
  • Edited the All Voting Sites message colors.
  • Changed automatic messages colors.
  • Changed some colors when using /prewards.


  • Changed Lobby messages prefix.
  • Fixed Player Hider colors.