Hello everyone. With this update, we are closer to the Badlands Beta release than ever before! We made many adjustments to make the gameplay on the Badlands server perfect and soon, Beta 3.0 will be here with us. Now check out the changelog:


  • Changed wheat death rate to 10%.
  • Changed wheat death rate in darkness to 25%.
  • Added permission for command /land untrust to players.
  • Added permission for /nation create for Lvl-3.
  • Added permission for /land deposit <Land> <Amount> to players.
  • Changed earthquake chance to 0.5%.
  • Changed earthquake radius to 40.
  • Changed tornado chance to 10%.
  • Changed Level 2 – Base land chunk bonus to 4 chunks.
  • Changed Level 3 – Town land chunk bonus to 8 chunks.
  • Changed Level 4 – City land chunk bonus to 14 chunks.
  • Changed Level 5 – Land land chunk bonus to 20 chunks.
  • Changed Level 1 – Guild nation chunk bonus to 10 chunks.
  • Nation now only requires land Level 3 – Town to be created.
  • Added permission for /nation accept and /nation leave.
  • Added permission for /land edit.
  • Thirst will now be disables while you are AFK.
  • Disabled announcing advancements.
  • Disabled showing death messages.


  • Changed maximum random teleport radius to 20000.
  • Players will now get minus money and experience for placing Diamond Ore and Emerald Ore. This had to be done because of an exploit that allowed players to earn too huge amounts of money in a short time.
Diamond Ore:
  Income: -10
  Experience: -10
Emerald Ore:
  Income: -15
  Experience: -15
  • Disabled teleportation to Colosseum 1v1 arena (players could teleport there using /dback or /back).
  • Disabled announcing advancements.
  • Disabled showing death messages.
  • Changed some Duels messages colors.