• Removed invulnerability in the Fringe.
  • Renamed and edited Diamond Dealer (was Dealer before) in the Oasis. Diamond Dealer is only buying diamonds now.
  • Added Netherite Dealer – he is buying Netherite ingots.
  • Added ShopKeeper Trader to Oasis – he is selling ShopKeepers.
  • Fixed Badlands message on join.
  • Enabled entity griefing in lands.
  • Removed option to enable/disable entity griefing in lands.
  • Enabled permission for /land delete.
  • Added more weather and disasters. You can read all information about this in Weather and disasters in Badlands.
    • Windy weather – wind can push you away and slow you down.
    • Shooting stars – you can see shooting stars in the sky at night.
    • Earthquake
    • Tornadoes
    • Meteor showers
    • Hailstorm


  • Enabled joining to DungeonCraft with


  • Updated store link in server selector.


  • Fixed server status.
  • Updated site certificate.