Hello everyone, one year since the launch of our server, we are launching a totally new game mode on our Server and I tell you, it will be EPIC! After a lot of hard work, we managed to launch an alpha version of Badlands that is only available for testing to Medial Partners, DungeonCraft Team and VIPs! This is due to bad optimization but we will try to bring Badlands to all players as soon as possible. Though if you want to play Badlands right now, feel free to support us by purchasing a VIP rank – everyone will be happy.

You can read information about Badlands on our wiki in the recently posted document – What is Badlands. But here, we will cover all the changes on our server:


  • Created the new Badlands server with basic configuration.
  • Added Residence and created basic configuration (players can have 1 residence with up to 50×50 size).
  • Set up world border in Overworld, Nether and End.
  • Added TradeShop plugin which supports item trading economy.
  • Added TradeMe to trade items between players.
  • Created Oasis residence.
  • Added command /oasis (or /spawn) to travel back to Oasis.
  • Added command /fringe for random teleport outside of Oasis with 5m cooldown.
  • Added “Travel” NPC to spawn which makes player use command /fringe.
  • Added /sethome command for players. Players can have one home.
  • Added /home command with 30m cooldown.
  • Added /tpa command with 20m cooldown.
  • Started creating a custom Thirst plugin that we will add in the future.
  • Added anti-xray.
  • Set up synchronization with Discord.


  • Discord integration with Badlands:


  • Changed Christmas skins to Easter skins!


  • Added permission for /mirror to Architects.


  • Added 3 new kits to Duels: Classic, Fist and Tryhard.