Hello, there hasn’t been a major update in a while but we’ve been working hard in the past weeks and we bring this update to you. There hasn’t been so much functionality added to the server but I think you will be happy because we can bring you much better support after this update and the server was made safer for everyone. Website updates and Discord updates will be brought to you in one update together with Minecraft Updates since now.

Minecraft Server Updated

General Changes

  • You can now vote for our server on Czech-Craft and Craftlist!
  • All players were unbanned and all warnings were removed!

Feature Additions

  • Created Donor role that you can get by purchasing Mythic Donate on our Store. This role has no special perks or permissions, only a prefix that is shown on the top of the TAB list (just below the members DungeonCraft Team and medial partners), white name and chat color and a special scoreboard with more information.
  • Created new Tester group. We might use it in the future for testing purposes.


  • Server join time was lowered.
  • All prefixes were changed from bold to normal font-weight.

Feature Removals

  • Removed integration with UntitledClan Minecraft server.

Survival Changes

Feature additions

  • Added new Red Beta Network-wide Prefix as a reward for 7 days of gameplay on our Survival. You can claim it using /prewards command.
  • Added /vote command that will give you the links for the sites you can vote for our server on.
  • Added /voteshop with some interesting rewards you can buy for voting. More coming in the future!
  • When you mention someone in the chat, the server will play them a sound and send a title message that you mentioned them.

Permission Changes

  • When Silver VIP or Gold VIP mentions someone in the chat, it will be in red color.


  • Added new interactive automated messages and completely reworked them so that they are more visible.
  • We are now removing the @ before name when mentioning someone.
  • Changed the time after which the server kicks you to Lobby while being AFK to 15 minutes.

Feature Removals

  • Completely removed automatic Minecraft role synchronization on Discord.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the bug when using eggs with caught mobs didn’t consume the dispensed eggs.

Lobby Changes

Feature Additions

  • Added command /spawn to return to spawn.

Website Updated

Feature Additions

  • Added Wiki page with some articles. More will come in the future.
  • Added Support page. You can submit your tickets there and get a response from our Support Team.


Feature Removals

  • Removed all multilingual sites and multilinguality on our site.
  • Removed comments section under Server updates.
  • Removed admin top bar.

Discord Updated

  • Removed SK and EN roles.
  • Removed all multilingual channels.
  • Added many new roles.
    • Added roles to divide the server members into categories: Admin Team, Support Team, Construction Team, and Medial Partners.
    • Added Support Team roles: Moderator+, Moderator, and Helper.
    • Added Construction Team roles: Architect+, Architect, and Builder.
    • Added Medial Partners roles: YouTube, Twitch, and TikTok.
  • Added moderation to the Discord server. We can now mute, warn, and temporarily ban users.
  • Added new channels for DungeonCraft Team.

Store Updated

Feature Additions

  • Added new Discord Integration – you can log in to our store with your Discord and you will have your purchased Discord roles on our server automatically assigned!
  • Users buying Mythic donate will now receive Donor role in Minecraft mentioned here above in the General Changes section of Minecraft Server Updated.
  • Added Teleport With Horse Survival Upgrade.


  • Users buying Basic Donate, Uncommon Donate, and Rare Donate won’t receive the Donor role on Discord.
  • Updated β Beta Silver VIP and β Beta Gold VIP with new info about receiving Discord roles.
  • Updated messages sent when ranks are purchased so that they correspond with the new prefix formatting.
  • Updated VIPs with information about the new commands and permissions (/tpahere, /dye, special scoreboard, mentioning in the chat)

Feature Removals

  • Removed UntitledClan Proxy Server
  • Removed old testing Dungeons Server

DungeonCraft Team Updated

Admin Team is now called DungeonCraft Team and it is divided into four departments – Support Team, Construction Team, Developer Team, and Admin Team.

Support Team

Support Team consists of Helpers, Moderators, and Moderators+. They will help you in the gameplay on our server and Moderators can also solve problems and rule violations with you.

  • Added permission for colorful mentions of people in the chat (@name).
  • Added permission to edit players’ Ender Chests in /inv.
  • Added permission to edit players’ playtime using /editplaytime.
  • Moderators now have access to command /glist (list of players on the whole network).
  • Moderators now have access to the command /server (to send them to the server they want to).
  • Moderators now bypass WorldGuard region flags on Survival.

Construction Team

The Construction Team consists of Builders, Architects, and Architects+. They care for all the builds and maps on our server.

  • Added permission to build on Survival Spawn.
  • Added permission to bypass maintenance mode on servers.
  • Builders now have access to the command /server (to send them to the server they want to).
  • Added permissions to see player’s inventories and Ender Chests (using /inv or /ec).
  • Added permission to copy buildings with WorldEdit between servers.
  • Added permission for /effect to get Night Vision when building in dark places.
  • Architects can now edit time on the Lobby.
  • Architects now have access to command /glist (list of players on the whole network).

Admin Team

Admin Team consists of Admins and Founders. Admins are managers of certain departments of our server or they have a specific topic they are oriented on. Founders have the same permissions, they only have a special prefix.

  • Renamed Owner to Founder.
  • Fixed the issue when Admins and Founders got paid for jobs in creative.
  • Fixed the issue when the server didn’t send the join and leave messages to Discord chats when Admins or Founders joined to a server.