Hello and welcome to another DungeonCraft update. We decided that we won’t give names to our minor updates anymore, because there is really no reason to do so. Make sure to read all the changes below:


  • Changed Founder role to Owner because people didn’t know what it means.
  • Updated and changed server MOTD.
  • Changed Max Players to 150.
  • Removed the fake player count adding 1 player.
  • Added /kick command for Architects


  • Residences above bedrock in Nether
    • Residences in the Nether will now reach the build limit above bedrock (255) and therefore the buildings that are above the bedrock can now be protected.
    • If you already have a residence in the Nether and want to expand it, we will do so for free, just feel free and create a ticket.
  • Added commands /live and /offline for Twitch and YouTube roles.
  • Server Voting Changes
    • Fixed voting rewards not working
    • Every time you vote on Survival, you receive additional 16 exp bottles, so the reward for voting is now 1 vote point, 1 diamond, and 16 exp bottles.
    • Added more time and weather rewards to buy in /voteshop
    • Added automated message that informs you about changing time and weather using /voteshop.
  • Wolf-proofed 1v1 Colosseum arena
    • Wolves can still get in (we can’t currently prevent that) but players won’t be able to hit them and the wolves won’t be able to hit the players.
  • Halved rewards paid for TNT break of Netherrack to Netherist
    • Players started exploiting this reward to get enormous amounts of money in a really short time.
    • Now you get 0.05$ and 0.05 jobs exp for each Netherrack block broken with TNT.
  • Changed lightning travel distance limits to 1000 blocks.
  • Added reward for killing Slimes in Hunter job (1.5$)
  • Added reward for killing Magma Cubes in Netherist job (1.5$)
  • Removed Random Teleport NPC in the Nether.
  • Architects and Moderators now don’t bypass keep-inventory and keep-exp flag in /warp arena.


  • We are now forcing players to use the Resource Pack.
  • We started creating Custom World Generation for Lands world.


  • Added information about additional roles (like Medial Partners and Server Supporters) to the #💢》roles channel on Discord.
  • Added new roles selection message.
  • Added Player role automatically assigned to all Discord server members.
  • Moved Discord Rules here.
  • Changed membership screening list of rules.