After heavy performance complications, we are finally releasing this update to bring you the best experience on our server! You will be able to enjoy larger view distances that are now based on the chunks loaded and server performance. We also added duels which will allow you to have even more fun on our Survival.

Survival Updated

  • Duels
    • We added a great new feature – 1v1 PvP Duels!
    • You can invite a player with command /duel <player>.
    • In a GUI menu, you will be able to choose kits and arenas (more coming in the future).
    • You can enable item betting and play for items.
    • You can play for money when you add an amount when inviting a player for a duel – /duel <player> [bet].
  • Quick Math
    • Changed rewards to only money rewards (you can receive 100$ – 750$ now).
  • Optimizations
    • We completely optimized the Survival server, we solved all the server crashings, lags, TPS spikes, and all issues we had.
  • Automated messages
    • Added new automated messages about /ah and /enchant(s) usage.