After a pretty long time, we bring you an update of what we have done on our server in the past weeks. As our team has much work even without this server, we can’t move forward as fast as we would wish but we are trying to do our best.

Survival Updated

  • Removed Player Shops
    • This plugin was really outdated and it didn’t get any update in a year. As we have to update our server and other plugins, we had to move forward and remove it.
  • Added Auction House
    • As the replacement for the Player Shop, we introduced Auction House.
    • Use / ah to open it and /ah sell [price] to sell items.
  • Removed Custom Craftings
    • Nobody used them and we didn’t know what to add there but don’t worry. There will be tons of custom craftings on planned Dungeons. The only custom craftings that remained are the eggs for mob catching.
  • Limited Spawners
    • You can now only place 10 spawners per chunk.
  • Limited mobs
    • There can now only be 40 mobs per chunk and we lowered mob spawn rates.
  • Disabled automatic chat tagging
    • It was really heavy on the server’s side, so we removed automatic tagging in the chat. Instead of that, you can now use @ in front of a name to tag someone
  • VIP Updates
    • Silver VIPs can now create up to 5 residences and Gold VIPs can now create up to 8 residences.
    • VIPs can now kick players from their residences.

Dungeons Updated

  • Added Dynmap
    • Dynmap is currently only available for the members of the DungeonCraft Team but I have to tell you that it looks fantastic.