As you might have noticed, we have added a new scoreboard to our server. There will probably be fewer updates in the upcoming weeks because of school.

Survival Changes

Feature Additions

  • Scoreboard
    • Every player now has a basic scoreboard showing their money and current position.
    • You can toggle it on and off using /scoreboard (or /sb) command.
    • VIPs have their own special scoreboard in brighter colors that also shows their ping and their left flight charges.
Player Scoreboard ⬏
VIP Scoreboard⬏
  • Residences now have honey, honeycomb and anchor flags.


  • Chance of an enchantment in enchantment table turning into a custom enchant changed to 15%.
  • When buying new residences from other players, the residence limit is now ignored (we are warning you that alt accounts and their abuse is bannable).

Feature Removals

  • Removed Headless, Decapitation, Self Destruct, Detonate, Take Off , Protection and Commander Custom Enchants. Even more Custom Enchantments may be removed or added in the future as we are balancing them currently!

Known issues

Aware of doing these things. You may get banned for abusing them and you won’t be refunded in any way. We are working on solving them as hard as we can!

  • Trident might disappear when coming through a Nether portal
  • You can’t remove a book from a lectern in a residence. Server will send you a message saying you don’t have a container permission. You will have to break the lectern to get the book from it.

Server Optimization

  • Merge radius of items set to 4.
  • Merge radius of exp set to 6.
  • Item despawn rate set to 3 minutes 20 seconds.
  • Halved all entity activation ranges.
  • Lowered max TNT per tick to 10.
  • Lowered spawn limits for monsters.
  • Rised mob spawner tick rate.
  • Disabled chest cat detection.
  • Prevented moving into unloaded chunks.
  • Removed moving of armor stands by water.
  • Enabled per-player mob spawning.

Admin Team Changes

  • Added Admin Information Scoreboard for the whole Admin Team.

Helper Changes

  • Added command /checkaccount to see players’ accounts.
  • Added /signspy command.
  • Added /homes (others) command.
  • Added command /clearchat.