After two weeks of hard work, we are finally releasing a new Beta version of our Minecraft server. You can see the changes at the first sight when you connect to our server – we created a totally new Lobby. On one side, it is smaller than the Lobby we used to have before, on the other side it is way more practical and offers more functionality (portals and launchpads). We also reworked Tab List on all our servers. On Survival, you can enjoy the Quick Math chat game. We added many and many features that you can see down below in this changelog.

General Changes

  • Added compatibility with 1.16.4.
  • All warez players now have Christmas skins in default!
  • Players can now use command /discord unlink.


  • Fixed the name color of players who have a rank on our server and are boosting our Discord server.
  • Changed SkinsRestorer messages prefix to DungeonCraft prefix.

Survival Changes

Feature additions

  • Added Math Chat Game with money rewards!
  • Custom join, first join, and leave messages.
  • Added title message when you join Survival.
  • All possible automated messages are now interactive (with hover message and a certain action after clicking).
  • Changed message formatting (added » before messages).

Rank and Permissions Changes

  • Gold VIPs can now use command /tptoggle to prevent unwanted teleportation requests from other players.
  • Gold VIPs and Silver VIPs can now use the command /seen to see the last time a player was online on Survival.
  • YouTubers now have permission for /tptoggle command to prevent teleportation requests to them.
  • All players can now use /dye.
  • Removed /playercollision command from Gold VIP (it was broken because of the new sorted tab list).


  • Completely reworked Tab List. Tab List is now sorted.
  • All mob heads were made twice as rare!
  • Changed Jobs Night Boost to 50%.
  • Updated Jobs Night Boost messages.
  • Switched custom crafting recipes for Epic egg and Rare egg.
  • When a player is AFK, they are automatically teleported to spawn and have player collision set to false.
  • After 30 minutes of being AFK, the player is sent to Lobby.
  • Added many new buildings to Spawn. We are planning to add many server tutorials and interactive NPCs to the Spawn city.
  • Changed the message that is sent to players when they issue command /fly and flight charge is depleted. It now informs players how to recharge.
  • /dye cost changed to 1,000$
  • Changed payment and exp reward for TNT break of Netherrack to 0.1 for Netherist.


  • Added rewards for placing End Bricks, Purpur Blocks, and other related blocks to Builder job.
  • Fixed some Residence and TradeMe messages with mistakes.
  • Fixed the issue when Gold VIPs couldn’t edit signs with shift right click on signs.
  • Fixed the bug when scavenge didn’t remove the enchantment cost and scavenged fully enchanted swords were too expensive to enchant.

Feature removals

  • Disabled Combat Mode when fighting mobs!
  • Disabled Vanilla join and leave messages.

Known issues

Aware of doing these things. You may get banned for abusing them and you won’t be refunded in any way. We are working on solving them as hard as we can!

  • You can’t catch any mobs that are in the water with special eggs.
  • You can change the spawner with any special egg to the ghast spawner.
  • Automatic flight charge may not work for you.
  • Tridents might disappear sometimes, so be careful when using them.

Dungeons Changes

  • Added title message when you join Dungeons.
  • Completely reworked Tab List. Tab List is now sorted.
  • Changed chunk generation to 6.
  • Disabled Vanilla join and leave messages.
  • Fixed Dungeons channel description on Discord.

Lobby, Auth and Admin Team Changes

Lobby Changes

  • Completely new Lobby prepared for Christmas thanks to our beloved Builder Daemonlife!
    • Working Survival portal.
    • Admin Team section.
    • Working launchpads.
  • Disabled player collision (players can’t push others).
  • Completely reworked Tab List. Tab List is now sorted.
  • Changed chunk generation to 8.
  • Time on Lobby will now synchronize with real-time (Europe).
  • Changed message formatting (added » before messages).

Auth Changes

  • Disabled hunger.
  • Disabled weather.
  • Disabled Vanilla join and leave messages.

Changes for Admin Team

  • Helpers can now teleport to players with disabled teleportation.
  • Helpers can now see the commands players are using command /commandspy.
  • Helpers can now use /tptoggle command to prevent teleportation.
  • Helpers can now use command /scan to scan for an item in the world.
  • Helpers can now visit servers that are in Maintenance mode.
  • Helpers can now use command /ir restore to restore players’ inventories and /ir forcebackup to backup players’ inventories.
  • Helpers and Builders can now use command /tab setcollision to prevent other players from pushing them.
  • Builders can now use command /back on Lobby.
  • Builders game mode now doesn’t switch when entering another world on Survival.
  • Configured WorldEdit globalizer on Dungeons.