We are sad to announce that this update is not the Enchanted Update and we won’t be capable of bringing the full version of Enchanted Update to you in the upcoming weeks (or even months). But we are happy to say that we successfully made a few great features for you in this update. You can read more about them down here in the changelog.

Survival Changes

Feature Additions

  • Added custom enchants. You can currently only obtain them on tools, weapons, or armor (not books) in the Enchant table.
  • You can transfer your exp to exp bottles by left-clicking an enchanting table with a bottle to make your exp safe from your deaths. It consumes the bottle and it costs 2$.
  • You can also transfer your exp to exp bottles with /bottle get [amount/max] command without the need of having an Enchant Table.
  • You can use command /bottle until [level] to check how many bottles you need to reach a level.
  • You can use command /bottle stats to see your exp information.
  • Added new interactive automated messages.

Rank and Permissions Changes

  • Command /dye is now only available for VIPs (again).


  • Sleeping players required for time speed-up was set to 25% of the currently playing online players.
  • Enabled sleeping time speed up during thunderstorms and other events.
  • Leather armor colored with a dynamic color is now bound with the player who colored it.

Feature removals

  • Removed the automated message informing players about /dye command because it is only available for VIPs now.


  • Players with Builder job now get paid for placing all kinds of Glazed Terracotta and End Brick Stairs.
  • Players with Smelter job now get paid for smelting all kinds of Glazed Terracotta.
  • The server won’t pull you back when flying with Elytra and won’t make your Elytra out of the gliding state anymore.