Here is a small changelog from the latest days. We didn’t make any significant changes, just some little adjustments.

Survival Changes

Feature additions

  • Added new interactive automated messages.

Rank and Permissions Changes

  • Silver VIPs and Gold VIPs can now use command /tpahere to request player teleportation to themselves (it is like tpa but the other way).


  • Join and leave messages are now the same as on Lobby.
  • Changed AFK message color.
  • Survival server is now running on 5 GB of RAM instead of 4 GB.
  • Changed minimal number of players required to start QuickMath to 7.
  • Changed Discord message formatting (Changed : to » before all messages).
  • Jobs rewards for killing Endermen and Creepers as a Hunter were set to 10$ and 10 Jobs exp.


  • Disabled Zombified Piglin and Piglin spawn in Spawn City protected area.

Dungeons Changes

  • Dungeons are now running on 2 GB RAM instead of 3 GB as they aren’t used much at this time.

Admin Team Changes

Builder Changes

  • Added command /itemframe.
  • Added command /tptoggle.
  • Added command /tpahere.

Helper Changes

  • Added command /unstuck.
  • Added command /ascend [levels] (or /asc) to go up a floor.
  • Added command /descend [levels] (or /desc) to go down a floor.
  • Added command /ceil to go to the ceiling.
  • Added command /thru to pass through walls.
  • Added command /jumpto (or /j) to teleport to the location you are currently looking at.
  • Added command /up.