Choosing the name for this update was a really hard challenge because there were so many changes and they don’t have almost anything in common but I decided to call it “New Beginnings” because with this update, we officially started working on Dungeons and you can expect first Beta testings of them in a few months. Except of this, we also added many interesting features, commands as well as new benefits for our supporters! If you want to be one of our supporters, make sure to check out our store where we offer many options in supporting us. Read the changelog and enjoy the update 😀.

General changes

  • Players can now use command /ping to see their ping.
  • Gold VIPs can now change their skin to any name they want! Just use /skin name.
  • Players will now see when somebody gets banned, warned, muted or kicked.
  • Players can now see their warnings using /warns.
  • Changed anticheat message formatting.


  • Gold VIPs can now use command /playercollision. When player collision is set to false, you can’t be pushed by other players (which can be really disturbing sometimes).
  • Gold VIPs can now use command /glow to make themselves glow on Survival!
  • Silver VIPs can now use command /condense to condense ingots into blocks and nuggets into ingots and /uncondense to do it the other way.
  • Added new custom recipe for spawner. Make sure to check it out in the Knowledge Book (you can craft with book and crafting table).
  • Respawn anchor in Nether now has priority over Spawn when you are being respawned.
  • Added command /helpop to get help from Admin Team online.
  • Added commands /help and /?.
  • Added commands /instagram and /twitter.
  • Added Barrel shops – you can now create your Chest shops in barrels as well.
  • Many buildings and Random teleport NPC added to the spawn.
  • Added new interactive automated messages.
  • Added new (regular) automated messages.
  • Removed command /condense for regular players.
  • Disabled piston duplication (TNT duplicators).


  • Updated the chat formatting based on ranks so that it corresponds with Survival.


  • We started working on dungeons!
  • Added first two Dungeon worlds – Illskaheimr (this name may change in the future 😆) and Kaldrland. Our Builder team will be working hard on them as soon as we finish our Lobby and Survival spawn.
  • Updated the chat formatting based on ranks so that it corresponds with Survival.
  • Server is now in Maintenance mode and it is only available to join for Admin Team.


  • Changed the title message when you successfully log in.

Admin Team changes

  • Helpers will now receive helpop messages.
  • Builders can now warn and unwarn (/warn, /tempwarn, /unwarn) and note and unnote (/note, /unnote) players.
  • Builders can see others warns with command /warns playerName
  • Builders and Helpers can now use command /top.
  • Builders can now use /mirror.
  • Builders can now edit signs with shift + click and use /toggleshiftedit command.

Bugs (known issues)

Aware of doing these things. You may get banned for abusing them and you won’t be refunded in any way. We are working on solving them as hard as we can!

  • You can’t catch fish with eggs while they are in water and the server will take money from you. Please don’t use special eggs to catch fish (while they are in water) on Survival.
  • Sometimes rare blocks like netherite, diamond, iron, gold, … disappear on Survival. Please be aware of building beacons and similar buildings.