After a hard week, we are here with another Beta update. This time we bring you an update from almost every section of our server – that’s the reason for the long title 😀. I also want to inform you that we achieved 100 players since the start of Beta on October 15th and there is currently an ongoing giveaway of Silver VIP on our Discord. If you want to get a rank on our server, you can still achieve that without a giveaway by purchasing a rank on our Store 😊.

General changes:

  • Only linked accounts are now be able to write to 💬》survival-chat on our Discord. To link your account with our discord, use command /discord link. This command currently only works on Survival!
  • Roles in Minecraft now synchronise with our Discord (eg. if you purchase Gold VIP, you automatically get the Gold VIP role on our Discord). This only works for linked accounts!
  • Players without skins now have default Halloween skins as the Halloween season is comming.
  • You can update your skin with /skin update if the server doesn’t show your up-to-date skin.
  • Removed bukkit commands /plugins and /help to protect the server.

Survival changes

  • Added Combat mode. You can read more about it here.
  • Added mob head drops!
  • Added night boost for jobs (2x more money and jobs exp)!
  • Income and jobs experience reward for killing Endermen as an Enderist was set to 1$ and 1 exp again.
  • Currency symbol was set to $.
  • Random teleportation cooldown was set to 1,5 hour.
  • Random teleportation max tries to find a suitable location were set to 50.
  • Keep inventory and keep exp flags were set to true in VojtaG3’s arena.
  • Updated and added new automated messages and changed their frequency to every 2.5 minutes.

Lobby changes

  • We fixed the bug when player fell out the Lobby and respawned in a Test world.
  • Changed the direction the player is spawned in (towards the castle now).

Admin Team Changes

  • Builders now can’t use command /seed because it was abused and the seed was given to players.