School is here 😢. We have prepared a great update with many new features on our server though, so you can have even more fun on our server during school year as well!

Changes for all players:

  • We updated server to 1.16.2. That means the only version you can currently join with is 1.16.2.
  • Added trading to Survival server. Use command /trade. You can trade with items, money, residences, exp or jobs exp.
  • Added meteorites.
  • Sign text required for elevator creation on Survival was changed to [Elevator]
  • Icon picker will be shown for Silver VIPs when creating new homes.
  • Removed Jobs points.
  • Added new automated messages on Surival server
  • Enhanced Spawn and Nether spawn on Survival server
  • Updated server info on Lobby
  • Disabled auto rank ups.
  • Fixed bugged permissions (recharge, day, etc.)

Admin Team changes:

  • Owner, Admin and Developer do not send messages to all servers at once now.
  • Removed silent join and silent quit for Owner, Admin and Developer on all servers (and Discord server as well).
  • Configured basic permissions for Builders. More permissions will be added later.
  • Configured basic permissions for Helpers. More permissions will be added later.
  • Changed Jobs selection tool for restricted areas to golden shovel.
  • Updated plugins.