In this update we made some limitations to the players on our server and edited the meteorite behavior. Currently there are no meteorite treasures though 😕. We will try to add them as soon as possible. We are also preparing for the addition of useful custom craftings and re-adding custom enchantments. Here is the changelog:

  • Meteorites will now spawn every 3 hours.
  • Changed items that can be found in meteorite treasures.
  • Meteorites will remove themselves after 3 hours
  • Added new buildings and other modifications to Lobby.
  • Disabled player modification of these residence flags: wither damage, wither destruction, glow, anvil break, land dry up, hot floor, fall damage, feed, walk speed (1 and 2), sun, rain, day, night, healing
  • Helpers gained permission to see and edit players inventories.
  • Helpers can now edit residences.
  • Updated plugins.