We have been working really hard in the past weeks to bring you the most ideal experience of our server and this is the result. We are moving to the Beta Testing Phase!

  • Server network – we totally transformed our server. What used to run on one server only is now divided into multiple separate servers connected through Waterfall proxy
  • New authentification system – Now if you own paid Minecraft, you will be automatically logged in and your account is still protected from “thieves”. If you don’t own Minecraft, nothing changes for you, except for that you can’t use premium Minecraft usernames registered on Mojang. We implemented it to protect legal Minecraft owners from their account being stolen. If you were playing on a cracked premium account before, we will transfer everything for you. Just create a ticket on our Discord server or contact us on email (support@dungeoncraft.sk). Misuse of this is bannable.
  • Auth server – this is where you are sent first. We authenticate you there and then you are sent to the Lobby server
  • Lobby server – we created a new lobby for you. We are still working on it. If you want to help us with building this lobby and another maps on our server, don’t hesistate and apply for Builder position in this form. In the new lobby, you can easily navigate through our server, hide players and show server info. More funcionality, gadgets, crates, flying, etc. will be added soon!
  • Survival server – still the same survival as before. We only changed the number of homes to three. You are free to keep all your homes as you had them in Alpha (more than 3).
  • Everyone gets Gold VIP until our store is open! We are currently reworking our webstore and everyone will get VIP for free until we finish it.