So after two days we succeeded updating our server to the latest Minecraft version. It wasn’t with no sacrifices though. Here is the change log:

  • Updated to version 1.16.1
  • Updated our server MOTD to information that are up to date.
  • Replaced Towny plugin with Residence. If you had your residence before the Towny update, it should be still there. If you started playing our server after the Towny update, make sure you make yourself a new residence. You may get up to 10000€ of server credit from an admin team member according to the size of built space to compensate the loss of your city/nation.
  • Removed CrazyEnchantments, because they are not supporting 1.16 yet.
  • Removed ViveCraft VR support, because the plugin doesn’t work on 1.16
  • Removed other unneeded files from server directory

Known issues:

  • You can’t catch the new 1.16 mobs with eggs because the EggCatcher plugin hasn’t been updated yet. If you know any alternatives, make sure to let me know (on our discord server or here in the comments)
  • You may not receive money for killing new mobs or mining/building new blocks. Make sure to report this to our admin team.

You may get a reward for reporting any issues.