In the latest days we really focused on balancing the economy on our server. Here are the things we changed:

  • Town upkeep was set to 10€/day because many towns weren’t having enough money and they (accidentaly) fell into ruins.
  • Nation upkeep was set to 100€/day because 1000€ was really hard to pay (at least with current number of towns and players on our server).
  • We disabled mechanism that destroys your city when it’s deleted (if you don’t have money in the town bank for example).
  • We removed the death fee (it was 1€ but really annoying sometimes).
  • Renaming a town now costs 500€.
  • Renaming a nation now costs 5000€.
  • We added better looking chest shops (with holograms, etc.). We are currently testing it and will add a tutorial on our website.